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How to cut your MVP development time with 1 to 1 Bubble tutoring over Zoom

Matt Blake
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I have completed Bubble courses and built my own UI what I wanted was 1-2-1 expert coaching and Matt delivered and I recommend his services.

Review from a No Code Bubble Coaching Client (2022)

Is Bubble IO worth learning?

Since 2012 have been transforming the no code web app creator space. Their online platform provides a page builder and visual workflow builder allowing anyone (no coding knowledge required) to build a bespoke web app. In just an afternoon you can build a Twitter clone and in a few days you can create a custom contact manager for your business.

How long does it take to learn Bubble io?

I started to learn Bubbleio in 2017 and a huge amount of using Bubble efficiently comes down to knowing exactly what the platform is capable of. Once you've built several side projects you will start to think in terms linked to the different data storage and workflow structures accommodated within Bubble. My Bubble journey has involved over 30 side projects that have approached with a varying amount of seriousness and commitment. With every side project I embark upon I learn more about Bubble whether that is using the API connector or scheduling SMS notifications with Twilio.

To accelerate the development of your MVP web app try a 1 to 1 Bubble tutoring session.

What is Bubble IO used for?

Many Bubble Bootcamps have their students creating clones of existing websites. You can build a Twitter clone in a few hours - just the core features and without the millions of users.

Bespoke dashboards are also popular creations. I remember reading about an owner of a mobile phone refurbishment shop who built a custom dashboard to track repairs and customers. This no code creator learnt how to build a web app with Bubble for their internal use. They then added paid users and now have other phone shop owners paying them to use their bespoke software.

1 to 1 Bubble Tuition over Zoom

It only took Matt a quick hour to help me breakthrough those blockers. If you want to progress fast with your learning, I would highly recommend you to book a session with him, it will save you tons of time and energy!

Sean - No Coder and Bubble user

Bubble is a no code platform this means you don't need to know any coding languages to make a feature rich app. However, it will save you hours of trial and error to speak with one of many experts. A key factor with making the most of Bubble and saving yourself time is to know the exact limits and limitations of Bubble. An experienced Bubble expert will coach you how to troubleshoot the parts of app development where you're stuck and draw on their years of experience saving you literally days.

Consultation process and tutoring

I provide Bubble tutoring sessions over Zoom in either 1 hour or 2 hour sessions.

Badge celebrating my 4 year anniversary on the forum
I've been an active member of the Bubble community since 2017.

Before our first session I'll invite you to share any designs or screen recordings to help me get familiar with your web app and vision. I will look through all the content you send through before our first meeting to help us make the most of our time together.

Once I've got a fair grasp of your app, idea and future development plans the direction the rest of the call takes is completely up to you. I can act as a Bubble consultant listening to your questions and ideas then explaining what is possible or impossible with Bubble and sharing how I would approach the no code development challenges you have ahead.

You can also share your screen over Zoom and I can tutor you directly. Simply state "I would like my app to do X and Y" and we'll work together building this functionality into your app.

Milestones & Successes

The purpose of each Zoom meeting is to equip you to do more afterwards. By working through your ideas and sticking points together my hope is that you'll learn to think within the framework of what is possible within the web app builder. My hope is that each Bubble tutoring session we have together you'll feel more confident about your development milestones leading to many successes.



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